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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thoughts on the First Two Sessions of The Ruth Study

Hey there Siestas!  Does anyone have any thoughts or insights about the first 2 sessions, as you've been working through them? 
Anything that has resonated with you?  Please share!


  1. Judi, Have you and Lynn gotten your books, yet?

  2. Sorry, I just went back and read your comment that your book is in, and you'll get it on Tues. Glad you were able to download the first week's lessons!

  3. I have always believed in and saw the evidence of God's Providence in my life. These first 2 sessions of this study are so enjoyable for me, with Kelly's insights!
    I like what she says on pg. 55:
    "We can take much away from Ruth's outstanding work ethic. She saw no task as beneath er. She didn't let fear of the unknown or a foreigh territory stop her. She sought out her work and didn't wait for it to come to her. She worked "steadily from morning", getting up early and pacing herself --not trying to gather all her earnings in a get-rich-quick manner."

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  5. I enjoyed it -- used my Precepts Bible -- the one that can be marked in. Minter has so many insights and details. Example: the history of Moab. I knew Ruth was foreign, but from that country, and God forbade marriage between Israelites and Moabites. And this is Jesus' ancestor! (Tried to post earlier but made the whole page blank - gulp)

  6. I am still working through week 2, but this familiar book of Ruth is being made new to me again!

    I love the quote on p. 14 by Matthew Henry "It is our wisdom to make the best of that which is, for it is seldom that changing our place is mending it." How true! Our change of circumstances does not change the growth that God desires in our lives. We are better off to see how he would want us to grow rather than change our situation.

    I was also struck from Ruth 1:19-21 how Naomi stated "the Lord has brought me back empty". Does this discount the fact that Ruth has returned with her with her lifelong commitment? I wonder how often in my own life I am ready to discount the good, large or small, to dwell on the pain and hurt and blame God for it all.

    That's as far as I've gotten at present, but on a lighter note, I wanted to share that the "Mexican Ice Cream Sundae" was fantastic! I added fresh blueberries and strawberries (red, white & blue for the 4th), got the whole family involved in the creation and we loved it!

  7. You're right Jacqueline, I wondered how Ruth felt if she heard Naomi say "The Lord brought me back empty." If she thought "What am I? Chopped liver???" She probably didn't think that, of course. But I would.

  8. Hmmmm - that's pretty interesting. I never thought of Naomi's statement that way before, but you're right. After all of Ruth's sacrifice, she was basically having a pity party for herself!
    I think it shows that Ruth was a woman of grace and dignity!

  9. Jacqueline I had that same thought. It made me think of how I can get caught up in having a pity party for myself and not notice the blessings God has provided for me.