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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gathering Three

Hey there Siestas!  Sorry I'm just getting this posted here.  I'm leading a summer Bible study (Revelation: There and Then, Here and Now) on Tuesday afternoons, with a group of 50 women, so most of my Tuesday mornings is taken up with prep for that.  God is really blessing!
Here is a copy of the group questions from the LPM blog, with Beth's video too, in case you have not seen it over there:

Summer Siesta Bible Study - Ruth Session 3 from LPV on Vimeo.

"Based on Week (or Session) Three:
1. Turn to p.68 and review the first segment “For Discussion”: Describe a time when you were overcome by a man’s kindness. In keeping with the example of Ruth and Boaz, try to think in terms of an unexpected kindness.
2. Read Ruth 2:19-20 and review the climactic revelation in this Book of the Bible. After you read those two Scriptures, turn to p.85 and review the first couple of sentences of the paragraph in the middle of the page as follows: “It’s interesting that up to this point Naomi knew she had a kinsman-redeemer named Boaz but had no idea Ruth knew him; Ruth knew Boaz but didn’t know he was a kinsman redeemer. Suddenly these two pieces of information collided to potentially change the course of history.” Our divinely ordained collisions may not change the course of human history but they certainly change the course of our own personal history. Can any of you think of a time when God orchestrated an encounter or experience where you (or perhaps both/all parties involved) could say, “Only God could have known”? If so, share it. These would be really cool to hear in your blog comments so consider sharing one of the most meaningful examples.

Based on Week (or Session) Four:
3. Turn to p.95 and, if willing, share your answers to the “Personal Response” section at the very bottom of the page: “Describe a time when you’d done everything you could do and then had to wait for someone else’s response.”
4. Turn to p.108 and review the answer to the question in the middle of the page: “What did Boaz promise to do if the nearer relative chose not to redeem Ruth?” Then, share your responses to the discussion portion just below it where we were challenged to put ourselves in Ruth’s place. What kinds of feelings and thought processes would you have had in her exact situation?
Don’t conclude this portion of the Bible study without one of you reading the final paragraph onp.108 aloud to the rest of the group. (“If Ruth slept at all that night…) Those of you going solo can simply read it again and let it go even deeper.
5. Ask if one person wants to share a brand new insight she’s gained from this study regarding Christ as her Redeemer. (For those of you going solo, consider that I’m asking each of you the question.)
For our next gathering in two weeks, do Weeks (or Sessions) Five and Six. In other words, let’s finish up! And while we’re at it, Sisters, LET’S FINISH STRONG! You will feel such joy in your soul if you’ll see this to the last page. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if just as many women signed in at the end as in the beginning? Let’s make our goal 100%, Sisters!

For those of you joining in on the meals, consider the recipes on pages 88-89. The Grilled Chicken Salad with Strawberries sounds perfect for summer. Lord, have mercy on us, so does the pie!"


  1. 1. It seems that my husband's car always has issues when I have it. During one of those days, the owner of business where I went to for help gave me lunch "on the house". A definite up-turn for a miserable day!

    2. Looking back through my life, I can see many times God has orchastrated events, not necessarily through just one person, though. It is always easier to see God's hand after the act rather than during it!

    3. In a word, adoption. Seeing how the Lord worked in my husband's life is wonderful! We now could not imagine our family any other way!

    4. Feelings of "There is hope! There is someone else?! There is hope! Boaz will ACT. Morning, will it ever come? If someone else steps in, then what? THERE IS HOPE!!!"

    To see yet again the need to REST in my Redeemer impressed itself afresh on my heart.

  2. Hi everyone, sorry I have commented. I didn't get the book and now I will be away for most of August. If there is a study next year I will order the book the minute I know what one!! I've enjoyed reading your posts and hope you have a great time together as you study the Word!

    Judi, so happy to hear you are leading another study and that you have 50 women. Praise the Lord!!

  3. Lynn - I wondered where you were! I thought you had a book on order....what happened?

    Jacqueline - did you and your husband adopt, or was he adopted? I like your idea of RESTING in your Redeemer.

    Well, I'm delinquent....I still have to finish up week 4. Then I will post my answers.

    Anyone else?

  4. My answers:
    1. My husband's unconditional love for me

    2. I also feel that God orchestrated mine and my husband's getting together, staying together, and He continues to orchestrate everything in our lives.

    3. Currently applying for jobs, watching and praying. . .

    4. Lots of mixed emotions, thankful, hopeful, anxiously praying, wondering. . .

    5. Not really NEW insight, but very important reminders and "rechargers":
    "Sometimes we are told to quietly lean on our Savior and rest. At other times, Godcalls to actively wait. But we are always to stay close to our Redeemer."

    "Our ultimate Redeemr not only wanted to spread His wings overs us, but gave His life so He could."

    "And, yet, in true Ruth form we see her serving and active in her waiting."

    "It's about the hesed she had shown Naomi and Yahweh. It's about her character."

  5. Judi, I had always wanted to adopt some day--my best friend in jr. high was a foster child. My husband's heart was set on biological children. God brought about change and my husband was then open to adopting from Russia (not able to adopt as babies), then Columbia (huge need, but only 5 couples allowed at a time and there was a waiting list), then open to any baby God had for us here in the U.S. It was quite a progression and answer to my prayer. Our daughter arrived in our home less than a year after being willing to adopt domestically--even earlier than what we expected. She came as a birthday present for me! Then, three years later, we stared praying about our next adoption. It was a roller coaster ride, but worth the trip in the end! When we visited our son in the hospital, he wouldn't even open his eyes to look at anyone until our daughter (then 4 years old) started talking to him--then he had eyes only for her! He was an answer to her prayers, too! God's work in our lives is never wrong--long at times and difficult, but always for our best and His glory!

    I've also been pondering over the weekend how all of the commitments made in Ruth were unconditional and dependent only on the giver. Ruth committed herself to Naomi (in effect, "Enough grumbling, I'm going with you. Accept it!)Boaz committed himself to Ruth not based on what she would do but because of his own hesed. Then Christ committed to us and died for us, not because of any worthiness in ourselves but because of His great love. There is nothing we can do to earn salvation. He has provided it all--we have only to accept!

    I am certainly seeing the book of Ruth in a different light with a much larger scope than a simple story of a woman and her life.

  6. Dear Jacqueline, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I am so happy for you and your family. Yes, this is study has opened my eyes to a lot, too.

  7. Going to have to do my post in 2 parts sorry-darn google said i typed too much!

    Richmond, VA
    7 including myself

    I’m so sorry that I’m just updating the blog about our session 2 bible study. It’s been a crazy few weeks for me but I think its finally starting to settle down. I know that God is doing some amazing stuff in myself and my ladies because the devils attacks have been intense. Were all aware of this and lifting each other up in prayer and not letting any of these attacks get in the way of our bible study. On the night of session 2 a storm blew in and as we all sat down to eat dinner and discuss the study the power actually went out LOL! So we had a bible study by candlelight. What the devil means for bad we can always turn for the good. It was kind of a really nice ambience to sit around a candle lit kitchen table and talk about Ruth.

    In question number one we were asked about a random act of kindness. I was able to share about a time when I was 18 and really just lost financially. A man in my church decided to out of the bottom of his heart help me out. He had his wife take me grocery shopping. Then they came to my house gave me a desk and a computer and taught me how to manage my finances with general bookkeeping. He didn’t have to do this, but he just had a huge heart and it was such a blessing I will never forget.

    Question number 2 “Describe an encounter where God orchestrated and experience where you and your family could say, only God could have known”

    (i’m using only first initials for my ladies to keep their privacy)

    T- She was deep in the middle of a custody battle for her daughter S. She had to fly out for a business meeting and was just exhausted. While at the airport and issue came up and she missed her flight. She was at a point with the custody battle that she had done everything that she could and now she just had to wait. While sitting at the airport she was reflecting on this and just how exhausted and tired she was. She went to the gate to try and figure out her travel arrangements. She found out she would have to stay the night for the next flight out and like I said she was just exhausted. This worker at the airport helped her out. He got her a new flight, meal set her up in a hotel for the night and then he did something else. He pulled her aside and said he just needed to share something with her. He said that he really felt like God had a message for her that the battle was over. That the fight was over and that she was about to enter the land of milk and honey. T was stunned they talked more and shared more and she came to find out that this man was a pastor in his full time job and was just working at the airport on the side. That message he shared with her really stuck with her. Shortly after she got home she got a phone call about the situation with her daughter S and that she needed to immediately come get her. She finally had full custody and her daughter S was out of a bad bad situation. The message God had for her is still being fulfilled and she feels truly blessed by the random man at the airport and his word from God. She was so tired and exhausted and had done everything she could and God worked out the rest.

  8. Part 2 of my post:

    Question number 3 “Describe a time when you’d done everything you could do and then had to wait for someone else’s response.”

    I myself had an example of this in my life. I told the story from the viewpoint of my dad. He and my mom got divorced when I was 2 years old and my mom got custody of me. I was in a really bad situation with her she was doing drugs there was a lot of abuse going on and my dad did everything he could to fight for custody of me. He became a christian and in faith he began to make a room for me at his house. He did this in faith and left the rest in Gods hands. Shortly after finishing up my room he got a phone call a situation came up and my mom immediately gave him full custody of me. And I am so grateful that God worked out the details on this. I was removed from a really unstable and abusive situation and raised in a christian home. It affected the whole path of direction for my life.

    Question number 5 “Share a new insight gained through this study regarding Christ as our kinsman redeemer.”

    We all shared how seeing this story through Ruth has been a great eye opening experience to spot the areas in each of our lives where God has redeemed us. So far we have all really been blessed through this study.

  9. Aargh!!! I just posted a lengthy comment, with notes to each of you, but when I hit "post comment", I got an error message, and even when hitting the back button, I couldn't get my comments back.

    Tommorrow I'll try again (I'm too tired tonight), but I just wanted you all to know that I still haven't completed session 4 yet, but I'm going to really try to get it done tomorrow.

    Till then....

  10. lame i hate when that happens! i'm way behind too and with my insane weekend its going to be crazy trying to catch up on homework before the last session tuesday :(

  11. Wow, Amanda, thank you for sharing!
    I will look forward to concluding this study with you all next week with gathering #4. . .don't really look forward to concluding it, but will look forward to your answers and to continuing to connect with you all, readng your blogs!
    Judi, thank you for all you do1

  12. The trouble with doing 2 sessions at a time is that #1: I am really falling behind, and #2: It seems like this study is going WAY too fast!!

    1) I have been trying to think of a time when I was surprised by a man's kindness, and I'm sorry, but I cannot for the life of me think of anything right now. If I do think of something, I'll come back and add it.

    2) A divinely ordained collision happened to my son a couple of years ago. He was 24 at the time, and was far away from the Lord and had told us he didn't believe in God anymore. He and a buddy left Canada to hitchhike through the U.S. and down into Mexico. His buddy was not the nicest character and was heavily into drugs. This was during the time that I was doing "Believing God" for the first time, and learning that God is who He says He is, knowing full well that Josh's new claims about the existence of God did not make a hill of beans of difference as to whether or not God still had His hand on Josh! I had resolved, as a result of that Bible study, to pray for Josh, believing that God had already answered that prayer.
    Around the same time, we learned that a Pastor from a church in our community, who knew our family well, was taking a sabbatical and going down to a small town in Mexico called Puerto Escondido, to work with a church there. Some time went by and then we got an email from our son saying that he and his friend had heard there was a village on the west coast of Mexico that was really good for surfing and they were going to check it out. The name of the town was Puerto Escondido! I emailed our Pastor friend to tell him to watch out for Josh. The very next day, Pastor Tim was sitting on the beach with his in-laws who were visiting, when who should walk out of the water but Josh!!
    Meeting someone from back home, especially a former Pastor, really rattled Josh's cage, and he knew this wasn't just a coincidence. Pastor Tim took the opportunity to get into Josh's face and challenge him with some hard questions, asking him what he was doing with his life. This led to Josh repenting, asking God to forgive him, and then making a phonecall to us to tell us he'd made the decision to turn back to the Lord.
    I still stand in awe and wonder as I think about how God is intimately involved in our lives and answers prayer - sometimes sooner than we expect!!

    3) I am naturally an "action" person, so I feel that I am often having to come to the end of myself and wait for others' response. Unfortunately not everyone catches my vision as quickly as I'd like them to (ha ha)

    5) I am learning about the lengths that my Redeemer went to, to secure my salvation. This has been a wonderful study and I really appreciate Kelly's insights and also her personal stories!

    I would love to get together with a group and do the dinners - they sound so yummy and sound like so much fun!!

  13. Have you girls been going to www.livingroomseries.com to view Kelly's little video clips of her NOG group?